Monday, November 16, 2015

A Super Busy Week!

Hey Everyone!

I know I always start off my letter talking about how great the past week has been, but every week just gets better and better! This week has been one of the busiest/craziest weeks yet. 

Julie was baptized on Wednesday! I am so grateful to have met her and helped her along this new journey. We visited her a few days later and she said that she was so happy that she felt like she was floating. Her blessing when she received the Holy Ghost was really special. It had a lot of amazing promises about her future. We are so excited for her! Dave, her husband, has been having this inner struggle between good and evil. He knows that this church is true and that this is the path that God wants him on, but Satan is working really hard to keep him from making this big decision. He received a priesthood blessing last Monday to help him not give into those temptations of going back to who he was and things have been going a lot better for him. 

We also met with Steve (recent convert) a few times this week. His faith and testimony is so strong! Whenever we have a lesson, the spirit is so strong and I learn so much. He is one of my heroes :) We also saw Naoma a few times and she was SO close to coming to church! We made a transfer bucket list and one of the things on there is to get her to church. It's going to happen!

Kayla and Alisha have been doing great! Kayla isn't coming to church or taking things as seriously as we would like, but Alisha was able to go to Julie's baptism and come to church again this Sunday. 

On Thursdays, we joined the elders in this area in volunteering at the local thrift store. It was so much fun! I was leaning into a huge cardboard box to get something out of the bottom of it and fell into it in front of all of the volunteers. It was great :) We were able to load food onto shelves, pack grocery bags, and unload a truck full of food. I love service and being able to help other people in need!

On Friday, we had a sports night with all of the youth from both of our wards! There was a great turnout and three nonmember friends there! We hope to get even more of the youth to come and have fun with us. We had the idea to make it more of an activity night than a sports night. We were thinking of doing a human hungry hippo or mario kart. If you have any fun ideas for a big youth night, let me know! 

On Saturday we had zone training for four hours and I was able to have a real interview with President Loveland! He is so amazing! I'm so glad that he will be able to be my mission president for my whole 18 months. 

Today we were asked to work in the mission office because all of the senior missionaries had a meeting today. It has been such a long and rewarding week! Thank you so much for all of your prayers!

Sister Jacobsen

Spiritual thought: One of the speakers on Sunday talked about why he loved Christmas so much. He said that when he looks back of past Christmas' he can't remember a single present he received. He remembers most the times when they served other people, the traditions they had, and being with his family. I loved that--it is so true! The things I remember most are the times I decorated cookies or the Christmas tree with my mom, the big family get-togethers, giving homemade treats to others, and just being able to spend time with everyone! 

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