Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Fun :)

Hello Friends!

This week actually wasn't very exciting for our investigators. Personally, I had a great week, but the people we are teaching are all still the same.

We were able to use the dresses and hats that Naoma let us borrow for our halloween party on Friday. We were planning of dressing up as senior sisters, but we couldn't find wigs and I didn't want to use the temporary hair color because we all know how that worked out before I left for my mission... Yikes. Anyway, we dressed up as missionaries from another era. It's pretty much the same thing but without gray hair and a cane. The ward party was a blast! We had the privilege to judge the chili contest with our investigators! They absolutely loved it! All of the chilis were so good and we were even able to take some home with us. It was supposed to be a trunk or treat, but it was pouring rain (yay!) so we gave out candy in the hallway. 

Halloween was a great day! We were able to see a lot of people and have a lot of great lessons. We had to be home by 6:00 because of all of the trick-or-treaters so we bought a pizza on the way home and watched Meet the Mormons! It was such a fun night! I was also able to go to bed early and got almost ten hours of sleep (thanks to daylight savings, too)! It was nice :) 

Julie is still set for being baptized on November 11th! It was so amazing to see that transition of, "I'll just set a goal for December 31, but it probably won't happen" to "I'm going to be baptized on November 11 and can't wait!" She has so much faith and is such a great example to her family. Hannah (her daughter) probably won't be baptized on the 11th, but she will be ready pretty soon! The husband is a little different story.  All I can do is pray really hard that he will act on that faith he has and come to church! 

Alisha is still doing well, but we weren't able to see her in person this week. She didn't come to church this Sunday, so she will have to come every single week until her baptism on the 28th! Kayla still hasn't received her answer yet and hasn't come to church. I'm praying really hard for them too!

There are 53 days until Christmas in case you haven't started counting down yet!

To the women of the church: This is one of my favorite talks! It's Elder Nelson's talk to the sisters in the church. It gives me so much strength.
This is also one of my favorite Mormon Messages! I love how it applies Joseph Smith's story to our own. I know that our Heavenly Father will listen and answer our prayers.

Thank you so much for all of your love and support! I love you all!

Sister Jacobsen

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