Monday, November 9, 2015

Another Amazing Week!

Hi Everyone!

This has been yet another amazing week! I was looking at the mission map today, and I told President Loveland that the thought of being sent to any of those areas was scary. He told me not to worry and that I would be here a long time. Hopefully I will be able to stay in this area for at least another transfer! 

Julie is SO excited for her baptism! She is just beaming whenever we see her. Her husband, Dave, came to church in a white shirt and tie this last Sunday! He knows that this church is true, but he is having a hard time acting on that knowledge and coming to church. He asked for a priesthood blessing to help him with his internal struggle. He told the bishop on Sunday that he was going to be baptized soon like it was no big deal. We are so excited! It's been amazing to see the change in their relationship with each other and children as they have felt the spirit more in their life.

On Tuesday, Sister Kitchen had MLC (missionary leadership counsel) and I had to babysit three other sisters whose companions were in MLC also. It was great! We were able to visit with Steve, Julie, Jessice, and Naoma. It was really interesting to see how other sister missionaries acted and taught.

On Wednesday, I went on an exchange to Berryville with Sister Buttars! I was able to meet some incredible people and be able to help them strengthen their faith in the Savior.  Sister Kitchen has been having me take the lead more in our lessons, and I'm not completely ruining them! Yay! For a while I kept on skipping around to different parts of the lesson and Sister Kitchen would always have to bring it back and explain things better. Steve told me I'm doing a better job, so I believe him! 

Mellissa and Russell have started coming to more church and lessons with us. They always get so destracted and off topic that it's hard to teach them. We started meeting in the church building for our lessons and that seems to be working a lot better!

There are now 46 days until Christmas :) 
We had Regional Conference on Sunday and were able to hear from Elder Dallin H Oaks. His talk was amazing! He asked us if we were active in the gospel of Jesus Christ or the church? Do we really partake of the sacrament each week promising to be better and change? Someone converted to the gospel continually repents, serves others, and partakes the sacrament weekly with a broken heart and contrite spirit and promise the Lord that we will be better. We need to constantly find ways to change and to be better. That's our purpose here on earth! 

I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Jacobsen

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