Monday, February 1, 2016


Hey everyone!

It's been another great week! Serving in YSA is so much fun! We got here with two investigators, and now we have 5 with a lot more potentials! We would have 6 if the elders didn't steal one of them :( They started out with 0 investigators and now have 4 or 5. It's amazing what can happen when you put your faith in finding people who are prepared! Bishop is very encouraging and helps us a lot when it comes to finding people to teach and getting members involved. He was gone this week, so life wasn't too exciting until he came back on Saturday.

I had my first solo instruction at Zone Training! It went really well! I talked about baptizing converts and how we can help them be converted. I took most of my notes from Elder Bednar's talk "Converted Unto The Lord" ( It's one of my favorites! Everyone was really involved and had a lot of good things to say. Heavenly Father really helped me out with that instruction :)

Hannah is so ready for baptism, but she doesn't realize it! She knows that this is true and the right thing for her, but she doesn't know that she knows. Hopefully we are able to get her to set a baptism date this week. She is so amazing!

We were able to go to the Chinese Spring Festival event last Saturday because a few of our investigators were performing in it! It was so much fun! I loved learning more about their culture. 

Sister Ritter and I taught our first English class at the institute building! There are so many students from China that live really close to the institute building that are trying to learn english! In class, we have three main goals. 1) Learn english conversation skills. 2) Make american friends. 3) Learn about Jesus (my personal favorite)! They are all so sweet and so willing to learn from us. 

We had a few amazing lessons with some less actives this past week. We've been using Brad Wilcox's talk, "His Grace is Sufficient" for our lessons. That is another one of my favorite talks! I encourage all of you to read it sometime this week. It's a BYU devotional, not a conference talk. Our discussions were about finding strength in Christ and using His grace to be able to improve ourselves and our relationships with Diety.  The spirit was so strong in all of those lessons! I absolutely love talking about the Atonement of Jesus Christ because it is a topic that you will never completely understand, but it is sure good to try. I am so grateful for the love Christ had for us to be able to sacrifice himself for us. I would not be able to serve a mission if it wasn't for His strength and direction He gives me every day! 

On Saturday, Bishop came back, and we went caving! At first, I tried not to get too dirty, but I threw that out the window when I had to crawl through a two foot hole in the cave with a munch of mud at the bottom and had to go thigh deep in muddy water. It was crazy! There were frogs that lived in the water and they were super creepy. It was so muddy and slippery that at some spots we would just belly slide! There were also a lot of deep puddles of water and small spaces you have to squeeze through. I'm sure some of the YSA tagged me and Sister Ritter on Facebook. 

I hope you all had an amazing week also! I can't thank you all enough for all of your prayers and support you offer me. I feel the strength of your prayers each and every day that I am here.

Love, Sister Jacobsen

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